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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

  • This service is available in Avon, Avon Lake, Sheffield Village, Westlake and in limited areas of North Ridgeville and Elyria.
  • Mowing is done on a weekly basis and on a seasonal contract basis only. We do not do "one-time" cuts or temporary situations.
  • Lawn is cut to an average height of 2 1/2".
  • Clippings will be removed as needed.
  • Includes edging and trimming. Edging turf along the sidewalks, streets, etc. will be done on a bi-weekly basis with a power edger to keep a clean and neat edge.
  • Grass clippings will always be removed from the sidewalks, streets, etc. Trimming around all trees, walls, poles, etc. will be done on a weekly basis.

Spring Cleanup

  • This service includes cleaning the yard and bed areas of leaves, debris, weeding of beds, trimming dead growth off shrubs (not pruning) and edging of the beds.
  • This service is charged on a time-basis.

Mulch Installation

  • The mulch product of your choosing is applied to the bed areas of your yard. This can take place either after we do the spring cleanup, or you can choose to do the cleanup yourself, and we'll apply the mulch after you finish.
  • We offer Brown Triple-Shred Bark Mulch, Red or Black Dyed Double-Shred Mulches, Organic Blend Brown Mulch or Sweet Peet.
  • Material charged by the cubic yard. Labor to spread mulch is billed on a time basis.

Weed Pre-Emergent

  • Weed pre-emergent can be applied to the cleaned beds BEFORE mulch is applied.
  • It is a weed inhibitor and will help control some of the weed growth. It will not stop weeds from growing in your beds all season.


  • This service removes excessive growth and trims and shapes shrubs to create a neat and manicured appearance. It will also promote healthy growth.
  • This is done in early summer.
  • All debris is hauled away when we are done.
  • This service is charged on a time basis. You are charged a labor rate for the amount of time it takes to complete you job.

Fall Cleanup

  • This service is the removal of leaves and branches from your lawn and bed areas.
  • We do this service in late November or after the leaves have fallen from the trees.
  • It is very important to remove leaves off your lawn before winter arrives. If this is not completed, your lawn is at risk of developing snow mold.

Core Aeration

  • This process allows water and nutrients to get deep into the soil.
  • Aeration is done in the fall and is part of our Six Step Lawn Fertilization Program (see next service for more details).
  • To achieve maximum benefits from a lawn maintenance program it is strongly recommended that the lawn is aerated every year.
  • This is part of our Six Step Program or can be done separately without a fertilization plan. We do aerations in the fall.
  • If you have a sprinkler system all of the heads MUST be marked. We also cannot provide the lawn aeration service if you have an invisible dog fence (that wire is laid too close to the surface of the ground).

Five- or Six-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

  • Program consists of five lawn treatments.
  • Core aeration of the lawn is performed once in the fall (with the six step program).
  • Granular products plus a liquid broadleaf weed control are used.
  • Treatments are spaced approximately 5 to 6 weeks apart for optimal results.
  • Optional Pre-Grub treatment (before grubs appear) is available during spring.

Learn more about our Lawn Fertilization Program