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Lawn Repair and Renovation

We offer lawn repair or renovation services such as lawn aeration, lawn de-thatching, slit-seeding and over-seeding. These services help rejuvenate and thicken up lawns which have a sparse appearance. A lawn that is thin and unhealthy may seem like it has more weeds than grass in. This also makes your lawn more prone to disease. A lawn fertilization program may be all it needs to get back into shape. We can come take a look at your lawn and decide which method would work best for you.

Core Aeration

  • This process allows water and nutrients to get deep into the soil.
  • Aeration is done in the fall and is part of our Six Step Lawn Fertilization Program (see next service for more details).
  • To achieve maximum benefits from a lawn maintenance program it is strongly recommended that the lawn is aerated every year.
  • This is part of our Six Step Program or can be done separately without a fertilization plan. We do aerations in the fall.


  • Excess thatch in the lawn can block nutrients and water to the root system.
  • Thatch can prevent the growth of new blades of grass and encourages lawn disease.
  • A dethatcher is basically a highly efficient powered rake designed to remove remains of cut grass, clumps of grass root and other debris that collects in your grass so that the lawn can grow to its full potential.


  • This process uses a machine that slices rows into your lawn.
  • Drops seeds into the slits as it is slicing into the ground.
  • In small areas the section is raked and seed is put down with a hand spreader.

Sometimes the best solution is to install a new lawn. We also install lawns for new home construction.