Landscape Design and Installation

We have an Ohio Nursery Dealers’ License, which means we only purchase plant material from nurseries and growers that are certified by the State of Ohio Dept of Agriculture. That is your guarantee that only healthy, disease-free plants will be used.

If you’re looking to install new landscape – whether it’s a new home or construction, an addition to existing landscaping, or it’s just time to tear out the old and bring in something new – we can help. If you have some ideas or are totally unsure as to what to do and where to begin, let us walk you through the process. Your landscape is someone’s first impression of your property. It’s what gives your home curb appeal.

Just like the interior of your home, your landscape should reflect your style and taste. Some things for a homeowner to consider: Do you want more color? Do you want greenery for all four seasons? Are you looking to create some shade? Would you like to create some privacy for your yard, or do you prefer everything open? Are there particular plants that you really like or really dislike? After you can answer those questions, our designer would then need to review your property. How is the drainage? What is the quality of the soil? Too much sun? Too much shade? These and other factors will determine what plants can or cannot be used. Not all plants have the same requirements for healthy growth. This is where the expertise of a landscaper comes in.

Landscaping can be done on any budget. You can keep cost down by keeping the same plant selection but starting with smaller plant sizes. You can install in phases as your budget allows. There are so many options. Let us sit down with you and go over some ideas and put a landscape design together for your tastes and needs.